Floor Cleaning Equipment | What are the Different Types?

What are Floor Cleaning Machines?

Cleanliness is a necessity in your work environment. Strict measures should be implemented to ensure that your warehouse environment is spotless and free from any type of pollution or dirt in its surroundings. Different industrial floor cleaning equipment is becoming increasingly popular as they provide efficiency and more safety to its users. Acquiring industrial floor cleaning equipment would be easier for both the warehouse and the workers since manual labor can be reduced or totally removed. For example, restaurant floors would quickly become dirty just in the middle of the day. It would take a lot of repetitive work when workers would have to mop the floors every now and then.

Nowadays, companies are investing in floor cleaning equipment such as industrial sweepers and scrubbers to save both time and money. Markets and industries that use this cleaning equipment include food and beverage industries, trucking companies, hospitals, shopping malls, construction and property management, manufacturing, and trucking companies.

Did you ever wonder how to clean your floors effectively and accurately? These floor cleaning products have four different types according to their structure and function. They will be described further in the following sections.


Floor Cleaning Equipment Scrubber

There are two kinds of scrubber equipment: walk-behind and ride-on. A walk-behind scrubber machine is meant to clean smaller spaces and are more compact. On the other hand, ride-on scrubbers are made for tougher cleaning tasks. Scrubbers are used for dust controls, surfaces that have oil or grease, and floor marks. A type of scrubber that is automatic is used daily or weekly in order to maintain the floor surface.

There are differences between styles of scrubbers in terms of design and construction. Disc brushes are used for surfaces that need tough cleaning. On the other hand, cylindrical brushes are used for picking up light debris on rough surfaces.


Floor Sweeper

Using floor sweepers are faster than floor scrubber ones. In addition to this, they are more easy to maintain. Just like floor scrubbers, an industrial floor sweeper has two different kinds: walk behind floor sweeper and ride-on.

Vacuum sweepers are used for picking up light materials such as shredded paper and/or leaves. Broom sweepers, on the other hand, are used for picking up heavier materials. They are mostly used in food handling and electronics manufacturing applications.

There are three various types of sweeping systems: dust control, overthrow, and dustpan. These factors should be carefully considered when choosing a floor sweeper for your warehouse.

Floor sweeping machines offer exceptional advantages. These include employee satisfaction, efficient cleaning, and easier maintenance. Because of the easy maneuverability, efficiency, and maintenance of a floor sweeper, employees feel safer and satisfied with their work.


Floor Cleaning Equipment Sweeper-Scrubber

Some facilities require both functions and features of sweepers and scrubbers. Buying a sweeper-scrubber is cheaper than purchasing both a sweeper and a scrubber separately. Combination sweeper-scrubbers offer the best of both worlds to facilities that have applications that require extensive cleaning.

Sweeper-scrubbers have the feature of being able to have dust control. They can also clean light debris plus surfaces with oil or grease.

Critical Filter Vacuums

Critical Filter Vacuum

You might ask yourself, “should I use a sweeper or vacuum for cleaning?”

Critical filter vacuum systems are made for trapping harmful materials such as asbestos, mercury, molds, and other wastes. These vacuums can be made with different types of tanks (polyethylene, stainless steel, or painted tasks) that are suited to various applications.


All of these types of industrial floor cleaning machines guarantee the best for your industry’s needs. Each type of industry would have its own specific needs, so it is important to be aware of the distinguishing features, benefits, and disadvantages of each of the equipment discussed above. Sweepers, scrubbers, combination sweeper-scrubbers, and critical filter vacuums will be discussed further in the next posts.