What are Floor Sweepers?

Floor sweepers are used for frequent and quick jobs that need cleaning up. They are different from vacuums since they lack the powerful suction that vacuums have. Floor sweepers are used instead of vacuums in places where frequent and accidental messes are likely to occur, such as restaurants and diners.

Just like floor scrubbers, sweepers have to kinds: walk-behind and ride-on floor sweepers.

Vacuum sweepers are used for picking up light materials such as shredded paper and/or leaves. Broom sweepers, on the other hand, are used for picking up heavier materials. They are mostly used in food handling and electronics manufacturing applications. There are some manufacturers that have models like a walk behind floor sweeper.

There are three various types of sweeping systems: dust control, overthrow, and dustpan. These factors should be carefully considered when choosing a floor sweeper for your warehouse.

What are Their Features?

An industrial floor sweeper includes the main broom that increases the sweeping capacity and efficiency of the machine. Some models have a side broom in addition to the main broom for cleaning corners. Dirt particles such as crumbs, dust, and pet hair that are stuck in tight corners are can be easily caught by the side broom.

Other models have a hand-held function wherein you can detach the handle by just simply pressing a button. Additionally, there are other floor sweepers with a 360-degree swivel function.

Large surface brushes are available to ensure the worker that they can clean in only one sweep. These surface brushes minimize the need to go back and forth on the exact same spot.

What are the Uses and Applications of Sweepers?

Industrial floor sweepers are normally used in warehouses, outdoor cleanups, shopping centers, and manufacturing facilities. Manufacturers of this type of floor cleaning equipment develop floor sweepers that are suitable for various applications and places such as restaurants and hospitals. Their features vary according to the particular application they are going to be used for.

Floor sweepers are used instead of vacuum cleaners when there is a need to pick up types of dirt that have a possibility of damaging the vacuum cleaner if ever.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Floor Sweepers?

As compared to floor scrubbers, sweepers operate faster and are easier to maintain. Floor sweepers offer exceptional advantages. These include employee satisfaction, efficient cleaning, and easier maintenance. Because of the easy maneuverability, efficiency, and maintenance of floor sweepers, employees feel safer and satisfied with their work.

Industrial sweepers are eco-friendly. Manufacturers of floor cleaning equipment develop machines that consume a minimum amount of power and they do not emit harmful chemicals or toxic substances into the environment.

This type of equipment is very easy to maintain. They have user-friendly consoles as well as indicators made out of LED for easy operation. Investing in floor sweepers would reduce the need for more cleaning staff management.

Battery-operated floor sweepers have their own disadvantages as well. They can be impractical when used in busy environments where keeping something charged at all times can be a hassle.

Manufacturers of Floor Sweepers


Rider Sweepers

Armadillo 6X

Armadillo 6x floor sweeper

Height (in) 53
Hopper Capacity (lbs) 650
Length (in) 79
Main Broom (in) 36
Side Broom (in) 24
Weight (lbs) 2550
Width (in) 53
Cleaning Width (in) 53
Armadillo 10X

Armadillo 10X floor cleaning equipment

Dust Filter (sq. ft) 180
Height (in) 55.38
Hopper Capacity (lbs) 2000
Length (in) 105.88
Main Broom (in) 56
Performance (sq ft per hr) 217800
Side Broom (in) 26
Weight (lbs) 4575
Width (in) 68
Cleaning Width (in) 72/ 84
Video of Armadillo 9xR Sweeper:

Walk Behind Sweepers

Collector 34

PowerBoss Collector34

Battery (2) 12 Volt, Maintenance Free/ 4.4 H.P Engine
Dust Filter (sq ft) 17.22
Height (in) 28.15
Length (in) 43.31
Performance (sq ft) 48820
Weight (lbs) 363.8
Working Speed (mph) 3.1
Cleaning width (in) 34.25



Floor Sweeper Model Picobello 101 Picobello 151
Sweeping path with side brush 700 mm 700 mm
Sweeping path only main brush 500 mm 500 mm
Cleaning capacity 2.100 sq/m/h 2.100 sq/m/h
Capacity of main dirt container 26 Lt 26 Lt
Capacity of rear dirt container 4 Lt 4 Lt
Patented vacuuming/ filtering system Yes
Filer type Washable cartridge
Weight 24.5 kg 25.5 kg
Size 1.296 x 824 x 937 h 1.296 x 824 x 937 h
Image of Floor Sweeper Picobello 101 Floor Sweepers picobello 151 Sweepers