What are Combination Sweeper-Scrubbers?

Some warehouses and facilities require both the functions of sweepers and scrubbers. Owning and purchasing a combination sweeper-scrubber is less expensive than buying a sweeper and a scrubber separately. For example, buying a commercial floor scrubber or in industrial floor sweeper for sale would definitely cost a lot compared to purchasing just one machine that has an integrated function already. This type of floor cleaning equipment offers the best of both worlds to warehouses that have jobs requiring extensive and rigorous cleaning.

A sweeper-scrubber combination machine is an effective way to clean your floor in just a single movement. This type of machine provides excellent scrubbing and sweeping on large floor areas.

The sweeper system of the machine is usually placed in front, while the scrubbing system is at the rear. Combination sweeper-scrubbers work simultaneously, leading to higher productivity. Most models of this type of machine are designed for harsh environments.

What are their Features?

One of the features of sweeper-scrubbers is that it has dust control. In addition to this, they can clean surfaces that have oil or grease as well as light debris. Some models have a water trap that helps reduce spillage. This water trap gives an airflow that is unrestricted and it also captures the moisture left in the recovery hose during the shutting down of the machine.

Combination sweeper-scrubbers have controls and touch points that are easy to operate and identify for workers. These controls and touch points contribute to operation and maintenance that are easier to do.

There are models that have a “quick view squeegee”, wherein the squeegee tilts up when it is need of adjustments or changes. This is helpful for frequent inspections and for easier removal of clogs.

Cushioned corner rollers can be installed in order to protect the machine from damage. Pressure washers are also available, and these can be used especially for areas that are hard to reach.

Some sweeper-scrubber models have a stainless steel solution as well as recovery tanks that are useful for any type of environment.

What are Advantages and Disadvantages of Sweeper-Scrubbers? 

Important benefits of having sweeper-scrubbers include easy operation and maintenance because of the availability of controls. Buying this floor cleaning equipment is an investment that is worth it in the long run. The optional spray hose that comes with the machine can make cleaning up more quickly.

Some models of combination sweeper-scrubbers have an updated technology that electrically modifies and turns water into a cleaning solution. This feature helps a lot in saving the purchasing of other chemicals and cleaning products, as well as storing and handling these solutions.

Another advantage of using sweeper-scrubbers as floor cleaning equipment is that they provide safety for the operator. This equipment has a big space as a compartment for the operator, sightlines that are open, and a full front shroud. Overhead guards that prevent falling objects and debris from harming the operator are also available.

A possible disadvantage of purchasing combination sweeper-scrubbers is that these machines would cost higher than buying a sweeper or a scrubber. However, the advantages of having less amount of labor and more time saved outweighs this particular disadvantage.

Manufacturers of Sweeper-Scrubbers


M17 High Performance Battery Rider Sweeper-Scrubber

M17 Battery Rider Combination Sweeper-Scrubbers

Sound Level As low as 75 dBA
Application Indoor
Estimated Coverage/ Productivity Up to 162140/ 14980 sq m (Sweeping)

Up to 116160 sq ft/ 10730 sq m (Scrubbing)

Main Brush Dimensions 36 in/ 915 mm
Propelling Speed Up to 5.5 mph / 9 km/h
Cleaning Path 36 in/ 900 mm

40 in/ 1020 mm

48 in/ 1220 mm

67 in/ 1700 mm

Side Brush Dimensions 19 in / 480 mm


M20 Integrated Rider Sweeper-Scrubber

M20 Integrated Rider Combination Sweeper-Scrubber Tennantco

Sound Level As low as 84 dBA
Application Indoor and Outdoor
Estimated Coverage/ Productivity Up to 88000 sq ft/ 8190 sq m


Main Brush Dimensions 40 in / 1020 mm
Propelling Speed Up to 8 mph/ 12.9 km/h
Cleaning Path 40 in/ 1020 mm

54 in/ 1370 mm

56 in/ 1420 mm

Side Brush Dimensions 19 in / 410 mm (scrub)

21 in/ 530 mm (sweep)

Video of M20 Sweeper-Scrubber:

Factory Cat

Micro-HD Sweeper-Scrubber

Micro-HD FactoryCat Sweeper-Scrubbers

Size (L x W x H) 45” x 21” x 39”
Weight (w/ 130 Ah Batteries) 410 – 460 lbs
Disc Brush Speed 200 rpm or 270 rpm
 Cylindrical Brush Speed 750 rpm
Power 0.75 hp
Cleaning Width 17”, 20”, 26” – Disc

25” – Cylindrical

Decibels 72 dB
Productivity – Practical Up to 12526 sq ft