What are Floor Scrubbers?

Scrubbers are made to leave floor surfaces spotless, dry, and ready for the foot or vehicle traffic. This type of floor cleaning equipment is usually used every day or every week, depending on the type of industry. Using scrubbers maintain the clean surface of floors and it avoids the buildup of stains such as oil and grease. There are two kinds of scrubbers: walk-behind and ride-on. Walk-behind scrubbers are meant to clean smaller spaces and are more compact. This type of scrubber is more suitable for cleaning materials such as shelves and racks. On the other hand, ride-on scrubbers are made for tougher cleaning tasks. Scrubbers are used for dust controls, surfaces that have oil or grease, and floor marks. Automatic scrubbers are used daily or weekly in order to maintain the floor surface.

People might get confused with the difference between scrubbers and sweepers. A scrubber system works by first applying a cleaning solution to the surface. This cleaning solution is further stirred and spread with the use of scrub brushes. Lastly, the used and now-dirty solution is removed with a squeegee.

There are two kinds of scrubbers: walk behind scrubber and ride-on scrubber. They differ in accordance to their structure and function.

What are their Features?

There are differences between styles of scrubbers in terms of design and construction. Disc brushes are used for surfaces that need tough cleaning. On the other hand, cylindrical brushes are used for picking up light debris on rough surfaces. Some scrubbers have dual articulated squeegees that make them suitable for any type of area.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Scrubbers?

When compared to the traditional mop and bucket, floor scrubbers have quicker dry times, since they do not use as much water as the usual mop. This also ensures the safety of the customers since it would be less likely for them to be exposed to slipping or falling because of slippery surfaces.

Using scrubbers also involve easier operation since the settings of the machine can be customized according to the worker’s preference. It can also be adjusted according to the situation that is presented.

There are no apparent disadvantages of scrubbers, except that it would cost more than buying a mop and a bucket. It would also need constant and proper maintenance and cleaning, just like any other type of equipment.

What are their Uses and Applications?

Scrubbers are used for dust controls, surfaces that have oil or grease, and floor marks. Automatic scrubbers are used daily or weekly in order to maintain the floor surface.

Floor scrubbers have a wide variety of applications. There are scrubbers that are specially designed for healthcare facilities with the feature of a silence mode that reduces sound pressure. Some models have the capability of cleaning as much as 26,000 square feet per hour, which adds to the efficiency of cleaning a place.

There are also other scrubbers that are suitable for both close and open areas altogether, and it comes with three different brush choices for various types of surfaces.

Manufacturers of Floor Scrubbers


Walk Behind Floor Scrubber/s

Model BD 80/120 W Bp (brush) BD 80/120 W Bp (pad)
Brush Working Width 32 32
Vacuum Working Width 40 40
Max Area Performance 28800 28800
Brush speed (rpm) 200 200
Dimensions (L x W x H) 62 x 24 x 45 62 x 24 x 45
Weight without battery (lbs) 375 375
Image Karcher Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers Floor Scrubbers


Rider Scrubbers

Admiral 48 Scrubbers

Model Admiral 48 Floor Scrubber
Brush Pressure Regular/ heavy
Brush RPM 210
Brush Type Disc
Drive Motor 3.2HP – 4MPH
Vacuum Power (2) .82 hp
Weight 3490 lbs