What are Critical Filter Vacuums?

Critical filter vacuum systems is a type of floor cleaning equipment, along with sweepers and scrubbers. They are designed for trapping harmful and toxic materials such as asbestos, mercury, molds, and other wastes. This specific type of vacuum can be made with different types of tanks (polyethylene, stainless steel, or painted tasks) that are suited to various applications. Most manufacturers use HEPA critical filters for these systems.

Main applications for critical filter vacuum systems include but are not limited to medical, pharmaceutical, and dental industries.

What does HEPA Mean?

HEPA stands for “High-Efficiency Particulate Air” or “High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance”. These are filters that are tested and certified with the filter standards of HEPA. HEPA filters are efficient because they are made out of glass-fibers which capture the smallest of particles. The minimum category of HEPA has a requirement that the filter should capture 99.97% of the 0.3 microns or 0.000012 inches) particles in the air that is passing through the filter. Particles of this size are approximately 300 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair.

These filters are suitable for infectious patient isolation. HEPA filters are used for capturing pathogens, air contaminants, and microbial spores that are contained in patient isolation rooms. A distinguishing feature of HEPA critical filters is that the dirtier this filter gets, the more efficient it becomes.

What are the Features of Critical Filter Vacuum Systems?

Features of critical filter vacuum systems include a drain cap that is located at the bottom of the unit’s back. This drain cap makes the draining of wet materials much easier and less burdensome to do. Soft ride swivel casters at are 3 inches in size enable the machine’s 360-degree mobility while maintaining their low center of gravity while it is operating.

These machines are equipped with a simple filter element replacement as well as a sterilizable drain flask that is easy to remove.

For example, Minuteman vacuum parts include swivel casters that help make operating the vacuum much easier. Replaceable Minuteman vacuum bags can also be purchased and are specially designed for specific applications.

What are their Advantages and Disadvantages?

Critical filter vacuums are more beneficial than standard vacuum cleaners in terms of their cleaning ability and efficiency. Standard vacuum cleaners use a bag as a medium for filtering. Gathering dust on the vacuum cleaner can tend to return and be released back into the air. Having this arrangement is hazardous especially to people with allergies or asthma.

They improve air quality by removing microparticles floating around the air that may be possibly harmful. Through this given benefit of critical filter vacuums, the safety and health of workers and visitors are ensured.

A possible disadvantage of the critical filter vacuum system is that there are numerous other options for standard vacuum cleaners. One of these options can make use of the principle of electrostatic precipitation. Other systems make use of UV light in killing microbes and controlling odor. There are also other vacuums that use water as a filtering medium instead of a bag.

Manufacturers of Critical Filter Vacuums


290 Series Single Motor Vacuum

Minuteman Critical Filter Vacuum

Model C29085-05
Casters 2 – 3” (8 cm)
CFM 95”
Dry Capacity (bag) 1.87 cu. ft.
Noise Level 74 DbA
Power 1.25 hp
Static Lift 85”
Tank Non-Corrosive Polyethylene
Tank Size 15 gal
Weight 67 lbs
Wheels 2 – 8”

Bio-Haz Vacuum

Minuteman Bio-Haz Critical filter Vacuum

Air Flow 110 (3.1 m3) CFM
Dry Capacity .73 cu. Ft.
Power Cord 16-3, 50’ (16-3, 15m)
Rated Voltage 115
Static Lift 105” (2667 mm)
Tank Size 6 Gallon & 15 Gallon models
Vacuum Power 2 hp (1.49 kw), 2-stage

Lead Vac ULPA Dry Canister Vacuum

Minuteman Critical Filter Vacuum System

Model C82985-06
Casters 4 – 2”
CFM 95”
Dry Capacity (bag) 0.46 cu gt
Noise Level 74 DbA
Power 1.25 hp
Static Lift 85”
Tank Size 6 gal
Weight of Critical Filter Vacuum 17 lbs



Video on Critical Care Vacuums from Minuteman: