What are Walkie Straddle Stackers?

Walkie straddle stackers, or also known as pallet stackers or straddle lift trucks, are very tough and durable as it can withstand the hardest jobs in industries. They can be either powered or manual and includes a mast with a mast for lifting pallets to height. The walkie straddle stacker has similar features as the counterbalanced stacker, except that it has outrigger arms which functions to keep the machine from tipping over when lifting a load. It can be modified and attached with a reaching carriage to be used in narrow aisles. The outrigger arms are used to get the pallet, leading the stacker to drive closer to it without needing a lot of space.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

Benefits of having straddle lift trucks include being low maintenance, quiet operation, and easy to use. This type of stacker is ergonomically designed to be more comfortable for the operator and to reduce fatigue. Additionally, a forklift license is not required for operators to use a walkie stacker unless it’s a ride-on stacker; However, the operator is expected to be knowledgeable of the controls and safety procedures on how to use the pallet stacker. The battery electric equipment of straddle lift trucks has lower running costs as compared to other equipment such as Diesel and LPG. They are ideal for indoor use because they do not emit pollution and fumes, no noise, and have lower energy requirements. There is better operator visibility in using straddle lift trucks because of their smaller size as compared to other stackers.

What are the Features of Pallet Stackers?

Pallet stacker features include being able to maintain and control its cold storage throughout the harshest conditions as well as provide versatility in improving the utilization of warehouse space, which is helpful in narrow aisle storage. Some models would have an electronic touchpad and keyless entry system with password protection. Another feature includes palletless handling. The significance of palletless handling is that it decreases inventory damage and increases productivity.

Walkie straddle stackers have a control handle and lift and lower functions that improve work efficiency. With these capabilities, straddle lift trucks are able to deliver a bigger amount of productivity and capacity and is more affordable as compared to a rider.

Features that contribute to the operability and ergonomics of walkie straddle stackers include fingertip control of all functions, a spring-loaded control handle, directional thumb controls, programmable reduction of neutral speed, and multifunction control handle with angled handgrips.

Options and accessories for walkie straddle stackers offered by companies include a twist grip control handle, hour meter, battery discharge indicator, audible travel alarm, battery compartment rollers, strobe lights, cold storage conditioning, corrosion conditioning, battery connections, and flashing beacons.

Primary uses of straddle lift trucks involve stocking, unloading or loading trailers, first level racking, and other pedestrian truck applications.  Pallet stackers are normally used in low to mid-level selective racking applications, like small warehouses. Lifting heights starts at 2600 mm up to 4800 mm. Walkie straddle stacker lift trucks are usually used indoors and are suited for various applications such as dock operations, forging and casting, general warehouse and storage, paint and chemical distribution, and home improvement warehouses.

Manufacturers of Walkie Straddle Stackers

Toyota Walkie Straddle Stackers

Electric Walkie Stacker

Model 8BWS10 8BWS13
Load Capacity (lbs) 2000 2500
Max Travel Speed Full Load (mph) 3.4 3.4
Basic Right Angle Stack (in) 86.7 86.7
Approx Minimum Aisle Width (in) 76 76
Length (in) 613 613
Max Lift Speed Full Load (fpm) 20 – 53 19 – 54
Max Gradeability Full Load (%) 6 10
Width (in) 40 40
Height (in) 71 – 91 71 – 91
Image  toyota walkie straddle stackers  
Industrial Walkie Stacker
Model 6BSW11 6BWS15 6BWS20
Load Capacity (lbs) 2200 3000 4000
Max Travel Speed Full Load (mph) 2.9 2.9 2.6
Basic Right Angle Stack (in) 81 85 88
Approx Minimum Aisle Width (in) 74 79 86
Length (in) 67 71.3 71.3
Max Lift Speed Full Load (fpm) 32 32 27
Max Gradeability Full Load (%) 6 6 6
Width (in) 40 40 40
Height (in) 83 83 83

Blue Giant Walkie Straddle Stacker

Manual Push Walkie Stackers

Model XPS-22
Load Capacity (lbs) 2200
Lift Height (in) 63/ 98/ 118
Overall Length (in) 66
Fork Length (in) 42
Fork Width (in) 3.5
Lift Speed – Loaded (in/ sec) 4.2/ 4.9/ 4.7
Lift Speed – Unloaded (in/sec) 4.2/ 4.9/ 4.7
Voltage 12/ 105/ 110
Service Weight (lbs) 920/ 1030/ 1095


Model WPS22-130 WPS22-150
Load Capacity (lbs) 2200 2200
Lift Height (in) 130 150
Fork Length (in) 42 42
Lift Speed – Loaded (fpm) 11 11
Lift Speed – Unloaded (fpm) 18 18
Voltage (V/Ah) 12V/ 100Ah 12V/ 100Ah
Minimum Turning Radius (in) 52.75 52.75


Powered Drive Straddle Truck

Model EPS-22-62 EPS-22-96 EPS-22-116
Lifting Capacity (lbs) 2200 2200 2200
Mast Mono Telescopic Telescopic
Lift Height (in) 62 96 116
Col. Height (in) 76.4 70.7 80.7
Free Lift (in) 55.6 0 0
Ext. Height w/ LBR (in) 83.0 134.0 153.5
Weight (lbs) 1190 1320 1360


Model BGS-25 BGS-30 BGN-40
Capacity (lbs) 2200 3000 4000
Battery (V) 24V/ 224 Ah 24v/ 224 Ah
Speed – Empty (mph) 0 – 3.4 0 – 3.4 0 – 3.4
Speed – Loaded (mph) 0 – 3.1 0 – 3.1 0 – 3.1
Lift – Empty (fpm) Up to 33 Up to 40 Up to 37
Lift – Loaded (fpm) Up to 25 with 2500 lbs Up to 35 with 3000 lbs Up to 32 with 4000 lbs
Lowering – Empty (fpm) Up to 29 Up to 29 Up to 29
Lowering – Loaded (fpm) Up to 57 with 2500 lbs Up to 57 with 3000 lbs Up to 56 with 4000 lbs
Weight (lbs) 1943 2042 – 2539 2042 – 2539

Walkie Reach Truck

Model BGNR-30
Capacity (lbs) 3000
Battery 110V/ 224Ah
Speed – Empty (mph) 0 – 3.4
Speed – Loaded (mph_ 0 – 3.1
Lift – Empty (fpm) Up to 40
Lift – Loaded (fpm) Up to 35 with 3000 lbs
Lowering – Empty (fpm) Up to 29
Lowering – Loaded (fpm) Up to 57 with 3000 lbs



Walkie Straddle Stacker

Model of Pallet Stackers MSW025-F MSW030-F MSW040-E
Load Capacity (kg) 1134 1360 1814
Battery (V/Ah) 24 24 24
Max Travel Speed (km/h) 5.6 5.6 5.8
Max Lift Speed 30 30 27.5
Lower Lift Speed 60 60 52.5
Image Yale Walkie Straddle Stacker Yale Walkie Straddle Stacker Yale Walkie Straddle Stacker