What is a Rider Pallet Jack?

A rider pallet jack is like an electric walkie pallet jack in the aspect that it is powered by an onboard industrial battery. The rider pallet jack, however, has an additional feature of a riding platform. This feature enables the operator to already step onto the riding platform of the pallet truck instead of just walking behind or alongside it. Through this, the operators would have a clear view of what’s in front, allowing better visibility. This in return reduces accidents, and it also makes locating and getting a pallet of goods in a warehouse quicker.

Features of the Rider Pallet Jack

It has fewer controls, making it easier for the operator to work with it. This type of pallet jack can easily go through each aisle of the warehouse, turning the process of picking up orders more efficient.

Features of this pallet truck include a bumper that is high enough to prevent docks from hanging up, and low enough to avoid pallets from overriding.

One of the options that can be purchased for the rider pallet truck is a pick assist control handle that improves productivity and performance while also increasing the efficiency of low-level order picking. This feature enables the operator to move down the aisle while picking a load without the need to get on and off the truck.

Another option is a backrest package with a 3-inch thick back pad with an integral armrest and a storage bin. A torsion bar with quick adjust casters can also be added. This optional accessory enhances truck and load stability when moving heavy loads. Other rider pallet jacks can have an onboard charger for convenience. It also avoids the hassle of having to remove the truck battery from time to time for it to charge.

There is an auto deceleration system which minimizes the need to apply a service brake for it to slow done. For a controlled deceleration, the operator should just return the throttle control into the neutral position. Two-stage braking can be activated by squeezing the brake levers that are placed on the control handle. Having this auto deceleration system decreases operator fatigue while increasing productivity.

The rider pallet jack is guaranteed to be durable. Its electrical compartment cover is made from a thermoplastic material and is attached with spring clips that can be removed easily without the need for tools. There is also a heavy-duty lift linkage system that has oversized pull rods that diminish the chances of needing to replace these parts.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rider Pallet Jacks

A disadvantage of the rider pallet jack is its lack of operator protection. Because of its design, the operator would have an awkward stance and would be more exposed to hazards. It is also heavyweight, so it could break bones or do damage to structures around it.

Rider pallet jacks are a cost-effective alternative to traditional forklifts. When moving loads for over longer distances, rider pallet jacks should be used instead of manual pallet jacks or electric walkie pallet jack. Rider pallet jacks are usually for general manufacturing, general warehouse, and beverage industries.

Manufacturers of Rider Pallet Jacks

Raymond Rider Pallet Trucks

Model 8900 Rider Pallet Truck
Capacity (lbs) 6000 or 8000
Battery (volt) 24
Fork Length (in) 36/ 48/ 84/ 96/ 144
Loaded Travel Speed (mph) 6.5 and 6.2
Unloaded Travel Speed (mph) 9
Image Rider Pallet Jack Raymond 8900


Yale Rider Pallet Trucks

High Performance Walkie Rider Truck

Model MPC080VG MPC060VG
Load Capacity (lbs) 8000 6000
Battery (volt) 24 24
Max Travel Speed (mph) 7.8 8.1
Max Lift Speed (ft/min) 3.7 3.3
Lower Lift Speed (ft/ min) 6.4 1.9
Fork Length 36/ 48/ 84 36/ 48/ 60


End Rider Walkie Truck

Model MPE060-F
Load Capacity (lbs) 6000
Battery (volt) 24
Max Travel Speed (mph) 9
Image  MPE060-F


End Rider Truck

Model MPE060-VG MPE080-VG MPE080-VG Driven by Balyo
Load Capacity (lbs) 6000 8000 8000
Battery 24 24 24
Max Travel Speed (mph) 9 9 4.5
Image  MPE060-VG  MPE080-VG  MPE080-VG Driven by Balyo


Crown Rider Pallet Trucks

RT Series

Model Stand-up Sit-down
Load Capacity (kg) 2000 2000
Max Lift Height (mm) 211 211
Power (Volt) 24 24
Head Length (mm) 876 906
Width Overall (780 mm) 780 950
Fork Length (mm) 1000 – 2400 1000 – 2400
Image CROWN Stand Up CROWN Sit Down Rider Pallet Jack
Video for Stand-Up RT Series Model:
Video for Sit-Down RT Series Model:

PR Series

Model Rider Pallet Truck
Load Capacity (kg) 3000
Max Lift Height (mm) 235
Power (V) 24
Head Length (mm) 970 – 1135
Width Overall (mm) 965
Fork Length (mm) 795 – 2320
Image Crown PR Series Rider Pallet Truck