What are Counterbalanced Walkie Stackers?

The counterbalanced walkie stacker is a high lifting, electrically powered machine with heavy chassis and lifting mast. It has the highest lifting mast out of the different walkie stackers, starting at 2600 mm and can be up to 5800 mm. It also has the longest total length, so a larger turning radius is needed. The industrial battery of a walkie stacker can select up to 510 amp hour battery to match truck’s usage to operational requirements.

The machine can prevent itself from tipping over by using the counterweight of its industrial battery, machine componentry, and steel. The counterbalanced weight that this stacker uses makes it eligible to operate in narrower aisles as compared to the straddle stacker since it does not have outrigger arms outside of the unit’s body.  Electric counterbalanced stacker is used to lifting standard pallets, a feature that standard walkie stackers cannot do.

Features of the Counterbalanced Walkie Stacker

Standard features of a counterbalanced walkie stacker involve having an electromagnetic braking system, heavy duty tiller steering handle, and greased pivot joint with bronze bushings.

Benefits of the counterbalanced walkie stackers include having a low upfront cost as compared to other types of equipment and minimum running costs for battery electric equipment. They do not emit exhaust pollutions nor fumes, so these stackers are recommended for usage indoors. They produce fewer carbon emissions because of their lower energy requirements.  Walkie stackers enable better operator visibility and easier maneuverability because of their small size.

Optional equipment available include battery rollers, battery discharge indicator with hour meter and fault light, cold storage or freezer construction, 37” to 49” open-end clearance base arm width, slow speed accessory button. Not just that, it also includes valve and hose package, parts manual, 3-stage full free lift VISTA mast, toggle ignition switch, strobe light kit, backup alarm kit, sideshift, and convenience tray that fits the 13.5” battery box. The battery discharge indicator with hour meter avoids damage to the motor’s electrical components due to overdischarging the battery of the truck. The sideshift feature enables sideways movement of the machine, allowing a load to be picked up or put away even if it was not aligned with the truck. The strobe lights are used as warning lights that may help workers aware of the stacker truck in use. This added feature is useful especially for places with high levels of noise that it may be difficult to hear the horn when it is sounded.

Applications of Counterbalanced Walkie Stackers

Primary uses of the counterbalanced walkie stacker include industrial applications, bulk storage, cold storage, specialty racks, and truck loading or unloading. It is designed for indoor use and can handle loads with odd sizes. This type of walkie stacker is an excellent choice for general material handling and work positioning in small and tight areas. It can handle palletized loads that walkie straddle stackers would not be able to carry or position as quickly.

Industries that use counterbalanced walkie stackers include general warehouse, general manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and cold storage. They are suitable for small storerooms and machine shops.

Manufacturers of the Counterbalanced Walkie Stacker

Blue Giant

Model BGL-22 BGL-33
Capacity (lbs) 2200 3300
Lift Heights (in) 104/ 128/ 157 104/ 128/ 157
Unloaded Travel Speed (mph) 3.41 3.41
Loaded Travel Speed (mph) 3.1 3.1
Fork Size (in) 42 42
Image Counterbalance Stacker BGL-22 Counterbalanced Stacker BGL-33


Model 6BWC10 6BWC15 6BWC20
Load Capacity (lbs) 2000 3000 4000
Max Travel Speed Full Load (mph) 2.9 3 2.8
Basic Right Angle Stack (in) 111 116 122
Approx Minimum Aisle Width (in) 115 115 115
Length (in) 64.8 70.1 76.6
Max Lift Speed Full Load (fpm) 37 32 27
Max Gradeability Full Load (%) 6 6 6
Width (in) 34.1 34.1 34.1
Height (in) 83 83 83
Image of Walkie Stacker Counterbalanced Walkie Stacker 6GBWC10 Counterbalanced Walkie Stacker 6GBWC15 Counterbalanced Walkie Stacker 6GBCW20