What Are Spider Lifts?

Spider lifts, or otherwise known as compact crawler lifts, are similar to boom lifts with the exception that they have a smaller base with four legs, also known as outriggers. These outriggers are useful since they hold the vehicle firmly to the ground. The presence of outriggers is one feature that distinguishes a spider lift from another type of warehouse machine, such as a scissor lift.

What are the Features? 

Spider lifts are able to access areas that normal cherry pickers cannot. Some models are compact enough that they can enter buildings through single or double doorways. Spider lifts generally have a low gross weight, making them transportable to numerous areas with ease. They also have tracked chassis. These tracks are able to equalize the weight of the vehicle over a larger surface area as compared to wheels. Through this feature, the ground bearing pressure of the lift becomes reduced on delicate surfaces.

These lifts also have spider stabilizers which give an increased leveling ability, leading to safer operation on uneven surfaces such as slopes and rough terrains. Another feature is the multi-purpose boom designs since accessories such as articulating booms, telescopic sections and articulating jibs can be added to the compact crawler lift. It may not have the same features as the towable boom lift or articulating boom lift but the compact crawler lift has its own benefits over these models.

Additionally, they have multiple power options. Engines like diesel or petrol can be coupled with electric motors with various options (110v to 400v). There is also an availability of a rechargeable lithium battery pack. Because of this feature, spider lifts can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

What are the Benefits of Using Compact Crawler Lifts?

Because of the presence of multiple hinges in its arms, spider lifts are very flexible and can work its way around obstacles. Some models of spider lifts can extend up to a hundred feet or even more. They have a lighter weight than boom lifts, making these lifts easier to handle. Some spider lifts are powered by a battery, so they can be operated inside buildings or in job areas wherein exhaust and gas pollution is not allowed.

Compact crawler lifts are very versatile and can work in any type of place or location. There are models that are durable enough for outdoor use, while others have smaller sizes and are fit to work indoors.

There are also some disadvantages when using spider lifts. Since most models are track driven, then they are more prone to getting flat tires.

It is important to be aware of the preventive measures to be done before working with a spider lift. Some of these measures include the checking of vehicle fluid levels and if there are any leaks, battery charge, inspecting tire air pressure, the presence of safety harnesses, and if there are any loose or missing parts in the systems.

In What Applications Can We Use These Lifts?

Compact crawler lifts are used in applications wherein narrow access is required, such as going into single or double doorways. They can also be used on stairs and structural slabs.

These lifts are very versatile since they can be used both indoors and outdoors. These lifts are adaptable to almost any location, making them the best choice for most industries.

Manufacturers of Spider Lifts


X770AJ JLG Spider Lifts

Model X430AJ X600AJ X770AJ
Ground Bearing Pressure – Outriggers (psi) 34 44 65
Machine Weight (lbs) 4392 6571 9665
Machine Height 6 ft 6 in 6 ft 7 in 6 ft 7 in
Machine Length 13 ft 2 in 16 ft 5 in 20 ft 9 in
Machine Width 2 ft 5 in 2 ft 7 in 3 ft 3 in
Working Height (ft) 50 N/A 84




CMC S15 Compact Crawler Lifts

Model CMC S15
Max Working Height (m) 14.9
Horizontal Outreach (m) 6.9
Platform Capacity (kg) 200
Overall Weight (kg) 1955

CMC S25 Spider Lifts


Model of Spider Lift CMC S25
Max Working Height (m) 25.3
Horizontal Outreach (m) 14
Platform Capacity (kg) 230
Overall Weight (kg) 3800