What are Trailer Mounted Boom Lifts?

Trailer mounted boom lifts, also known as towable booms, are a type of cherry pickers that require only a trailer hitch in order for the vehicle to be transported quickly and safely. The hydraulic arm of the machine is mounted on a trailer that is road-towable. This makes it easy for a small van or a car to tow the cherry picker on to the working area.

When the trailer mounted boom lift is in position, its outriggers are set up to give a stable base as well as a wide footprint. Some models of these lifts have an open bucket which eliminates the need for workers to get out of the machine, ensuring their safety. Towable boom lifts also make use of rubber tires. These tires make the lift insulated from electricity, lessening the risk of the operators from getting electrocuted when they work on power lines.

What are its Advantages and Disadvantages?

When using towable booms, you would not need a heavy duty flatbed or vehicle in order to get the machine on site. These lifts have a light weight and are easy to position. Their stability stems from their outriggers, making it possible for these machines to be set up safely on uneven surfaces.

Users choose to operate towable lifts because they are easy to move to different work areas. These workers would not anymore need a large truck or trailer in order to carry the lift. They can just put the lift on a pickup truck, service van, or SUV and then drive easily to the work site.

The light weight of the trailer mounted boom lift also makes them less prone to damage. The engines used (diesel or gas) on these towable lifts are small and quiet, so workers do not have to worry about noise pollution in their areas. This also makes the lifts suitable for working sites wherein low or no noise is required.

One of the possible disadvantages of using towable booms is that they are not as big or physically dominating as the other boom lifts that range from 80 to 185 feet in size. Despite this possible limitation, trailer mounted boom lifts are still used for other more simple everyday applications such as installing outdoor lights, washing and cleaning windows, and trimming trees. Another disadvantage is that since these lifts rely on their outriggers in order to become stable, they cannot travel while the boom is elevated. If the machine needs to be repositioned, it has to be moved and set up again. Although given this limitation, trailer mounted boom lifts can easily be set up in under a few minutes.

What are the Applications of Towable Booms?

As one can observe from its parent category which is the cherry picker, towable lifts were initially used for picking different fruits in orchards. Trailer mounted boom lifts are often used in applications such as working with cable, power, and telephone lines. Some are used for cleaning windows, while some replace ladders with towable booms like in fire stations.

Because of their versatility and compact weight and size, towable boom lifts are flexible and can be used in almost any type of application and industry. In the next section, manufacturers and models such as the JLG towable boom lift and Genie towable boom lift will be shown as well as their specifications.

Manufacturers of Trailer Mounted Boom Lifts



Genielift TZ34/20 Trailer Mounted Boom Lift

Working Height (m) 12.36
Horizontal Reach (m) 5.59
Up and Over Clearance (m) 4.90
Lift Capacity (kg) 227



TZ-50 Genie Lift Towable Boom Lifts

Working Height (m) 17.09
Horizontal Reach (m) 8.89
Up and Over Clearance (m) 6.71
Lift Capacity (kg) 227



JLG T350 Trailer Mounted Boom Lifts

Horizontal Outreach (m) 6.15
Platform Capacity (kg) 226.8
Platform Height (m) 10.49