What Are the Different Types of Forklifts?

What are Forklift Trucks?

Forklift trucks are a type of industrial lift which contains a load carriage frame and horizontal load forks that project from the front of the frame. These forks are used for carrying loads of different weights. These trucks are usually seen in warehouses and factories that involve having to lift heavy loads from time to time.

Forklifts differ mainly according to function. Some are designed for outdoor applications, while others are made to fit between narrow aisles. Each type of forklift truck has a specific load capacity and a list of features and specifications that will be discussed extensively in the next articles.

This page talks about the various types of forklift trucks and their general features and applications.

Industrial Reach Forklift Truck

Industrial Reach Forklift Truck

The industrial reach forklift truck is known for its feature of having an extended lift height.It has three different types: stand-up trucks which are the most common and is used when there’s only one load per bay, double-deep trucks which have longer forks, and straddle trucks which are used to carry materials such as pipes, boards, and trees.

The industrial reach forklift is used in applications in warehouses that have a high rise storage pallet racking.

There are multiple manufacturers that offer this specific type of truck. Toyota has a line of stand-up trucks, while UN Forklift and Raymond have double-deep truck models. Yale, Crown, and Hyster are among the other brands that have industrial reach forklift trucks.

Industrial Counterbalance Forklift Truck

Yale GC080-120VX

Also known as the internal combustion cushion tire forklifts, this type of truck is ideal for use in indoor warehouses and stores. Its design is composed of a fork and mast. an operator compartment that is on top of the machine’s engine, and the battery.

These forklifts can operate at very high speeds and at a straightforward direction. They are used on stable and even surfaces, but these trucks can also be used outdoors.

Some of the most common counterbalance trucks are rider-controlled and sit-down forklifts. Brands that offer industrial counterbalance forklifts include Toyota, Yale, Crown, Hyster, and Raymond.

Rough Terrain Forklift

Toyota Electric Pneumatic Forklift

In contrast with an industrial counterbalance forklift truck, the rough terrain forklift uses pneumatic tires. This type of forklift is used for outdoor construction and places with uneven surfaces. The rough terrain forklift can be operated well in mud, ice, or snow.

The rough terrain forklift has a more powerful engine, and hence it has faster speed. In addition to this, it is also more dynamic and durable. In fact, it is more similar to a tractor with forks than other types of forklifts.

Brands such as Toyota, Yale, and Hyster specialize in electric pneumatic forklifts.

Industrial Side Loader Forklift

Hyster V30ZMU

The industrial side loader forklift was made to be operated in narrow aisles. The forks of this type of truck are placed on the side of the truck. These forks can pick up loads that cannot be reached by a forklift that goes in a straight direction.

There are two types of the industrial side loader. One is an enclosed cab which is used outdoors, while the stand-up industrial side loader is more applicable indoors. The multi-way side loader has wheels that rotate by 90 degrees, making it easier to transport loads.

Raymond, Yale, and Hyster are manufacturers that offer this forklift type.

Telescopic Handler Forklift

Telescopic Handler Forklift

Telescopic handlers, also known as tele-handlers, are often thought of being more related to small cranes instead of forklift trucks. They possess a telescopic boom that enables the forklift to be more strong and durable. Front outriggers can be attached to the telescopic handler in order to reach heights that a normal forklift cannot attain.

It is used in high lifting applications such as agriculture. Forklift brands such as Genie, Cat, Gehl, and JCB has various models that are telescopic handlers.

High Capacity Forklift

Yale GP190-280DC

Among the other forklift types, high capacity forklifts have a load capacities that range between 19000 to 36000 lbs.

Industry applications such as concrete, metals, forest products, produce, and paper use high capacity forklifts. This type of forklift truck is used in situations when high maneuverability is needed.

Forklift brands such as Yale, Hyster, and LiftKing offer multiple models that have high load capacities.

Order Picker Trucks

Hyster R30XM3 Forklift

Also known as order selectors and cherry pickers, order picker trucks are forklifts that are controlled by an operator from a carriage, enabling them to reach products from shelves of different heights. They are designed for filling orders that need a case or piece-part picking instead of full pallets or loads. Order pickers are versatile because of its design that allows it to handle small items like tool parts and larger items like furniture.

A range of high, medium, and low level order picker forklift trucks are offered by brands such as Hyster, Raymond, Yale, and Crown.

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