What are High Capacity Forklifts?

High capacity forklifts are trucks that are designed to make light work of the heaviest loads and the toughest working conditions. Unlike forklifts such as industrial counterbalance forklift trucks which have load capacities that range from 3 000 – 4 000 lbs, this type of forklift has load capacities that range from 19 000 to 105 000 lbs.

Tires used for high capacity forklifts can either be pneumatic or cushion, depending on the application and environment where the forklift will be used.

If most of the lifting will be done indoors, it would be best to use cushion tires. Cushion tires sit much lower to the ground as compared to pneumatic tires. They are not ideal for use outdoors because they have little ground clearance. A benefit of using cushion tire forklifts is having a smaller turning radius, which makes them ideal for warehouses or facilities that have little space.

Pneumatic tires, on the other hand, have air in them and are most effective for use on outdoor surfaces like gravel or yard work; However, they can also be used indoors. These tires are longer and wider than cushion tires, making them more ideal for outdoor use.

What are their Features?

Features for high capacity forklifts that contribute to their durability and strength include wet disc brakes that are force-cooled. Other features are a high-capacity cooling system for four separate cooling cores (engine, transmission, charge air cooler, and hydraulic system) and pin-type forks.

Having wet disc brakes means having a better braking system. Since wet brakes run in oil, they are kept cool especially during heavy braking applications. Having wet disc brakes results in the trucks becoming long lasting and needing fewer adjustments and replacements in the long run. Pin-type forks, on the other hand, are specialized for construction machines and larger lift trucks.

Another feature of high capacity forklifts includes a multifunction display that has an hour meter display, warning light for low fuel, water temperature gauge, and indicators for oil pressure and the parking brake. Having a multifunction display enables the operator to have easier access to forklift information, making it also easy to monitor and fix when needed.

Some models of these forklifts have joystick controls or an integrated arm lever for more efficient control of the truck. Steering of the truck is also hydraulically assisted, which reduces the effort and strength needed to get into and out of tight spaces.

Specifications of the high capacity forklifts that guarantee the operator’s safety involve an enclosed operator cabin, electrical horn, neutral safety switch, and asbestos-free components. Although asbestos is ideal because it is inexpensive, it can become hazardous at times. Having exposure to asbestos can make a person become at risk for lung cancer, so having parts that do not contain asbestos is advantageous especially to one’s health.

Applications wherein high capacity forklifts are used include general manufacturing, lumber yard, agriculture, mining, oil and gas, steel or metal, intermodal or port, and brick, block, and pipe industries. These forklifts are very flexible since they can be used for a wide variety of applications and industries. They are equipped with features, options, and accessories that are helpful in particular industries.

Manufacturers of High Capacity Forklifts 




Model H190HD2 H210HD2 H230HD2 H230HD2S H250HD2 H280HD2
Load Capacity (lbs) 19000 21000 23000 23000 25000 28000
Max Travel Speed (mph) 19.4 19.4 19.9 19.9 19.9 19.9
Max Lift Speed (ft/min) 136 136 102 102 102 102



Hyster H300-360 High Capacity Forklift

Model H210-48HD H230-48HD H250-48HD H300HD2 H300HD2S H330HD2 H330HD2S H360HD2
Load Capacity (lbs) 21000 23000 25000 30000 30000 33000 33000 36000
Max Travel Speed (mph) 17.4 17.4 17.3 17.4 17.0 17.4 17.0 17.3
Max Lift Speed (ft/min) 81.0 81.0 81.0 98.4 87.0 98.4 94.0 98.4


Hyster High Capacity Forklift

Model H360-36HD H360-48HD
Load Capacity (lbs) 36000 36000
Load Centre 36 86
Max Travel Speed (mph) 17.9 17.9
Max Lift Speed (ft/min) 86.6 86.6




GP190-280DC Yale

Model GP190DC GP210DC GP230DC GP230DCS GP250DC GP280DC
Load Capacity (lbs) 19000 21000 23000 23000 25000 28000
Max Travel Speed (mph) 19.4 19.4 19.9 19.9 19.9 19.9
Max Lift Speed (ft/min) 124 124 94.5 94.5 94.5 94.5



GP300-360EC High Capacity Forklift Yale

Model GP300EC GP300ECS GP330EC GP330ECS GP360EC
Load Capacity (lbs) 30000 30000 33000 33000 36000
Max Travel Speed (mph) 17.4 17.0 17.4 17.0 17.3
Max Lift Speed (ft/min) 98.4 87.0 98.4 94.0 98.4