What is an Order Picker Forklift?

Order picker trucks are types of lift trucks that are controlled from a carriage wherein the operator stance can be found. Order picker trucks are like forklift trucks, but instead of forks, these trucks are fitted with a working platform wherein the operator can maneuver the machine. This type of trucks enables faster and more flexible selection of products that are placed on high-rise shelves.

Variations of order picker trucks are available and are in accordance with the application these will be used. There are other models that have an auxiliary mast that is mounted in front of the platform with pallet forks. This enables a controlled lifting and elevating of the pallet. On the other hand, there are order picker trucks that have forks that are fixed in front of the platform and thus cannot be moved. Another variant is a wheeled cart that is attached in front of the platform.

Order pickers are different from the standard forklifts in a lot of aspects. Order pickers have a different steering control and they can turn sharper than a usual forklift. They are not made to enter trucks nor drive on rough surfaces. Most models of order pickers are electric powered and its battery is used as part of the counterbalance. They also have a guide wire that helps them continue operating in a straight path.

Options and accessories available for this type of forklifts include a rail guidance, load-facing operator controls, a retractable tether, and an auto-locking pallet clamp. Availing rail guidance enables automatic steering control. This is advantageous especially for very narrow aisle widths. Additionally, rail guidance would not be affected if ever a power outage in the warehouse occurs. A wire guidance can be also be used instead of a rail guidance. Wire guidance is beneficial on uneven surfaces since it provides additional floor clearance without guide rollers. There would also be no mechanical stress on the truck or on floor structures, unlike rails.  The retractable tether helps increase the efficiency of the operator by reducing the number of slack in the tether. Load-facing operator controls also improve the efficiency of the operator. It enables him to see and reach the controls easily.

It is important to be aware of the potential hazards of order picker trucks. Hazards include the instability of the lift especially when it is at an elevated position and the lift if pulling heavy objects from shelves. If the loads are too much for the load capacity of the truck, this can cause the lift to tip over. To avoid accidents, the operator should always remember to stack the loads evenly across the pallet and that they are balanced.

Having order picker trucks will benefit for warehouses with narrow aisles and high racking. Although these conditions reduce storage costs, what would be needed are strength and flexibility for the machine that would operate in these places. The order picker trucks are specially designed for these environments so that it would be easier for the operator and the manufacturers in general.

Manufacturers of Order Picker Trucks


Order Selectors

Yale FS030BF

Model FS030BF OS030EF OS030BF SS030BF
Load Capacity (lbs) 1500 3000 3000 3000
Battery 36 24 36 36
Max Travel Speed (mph) 6.5 6 6.5 6.5
Max Lift Speed (ft/min) 78 40 78 78
Lower Lift Speed (ft/min) 80 52 80 80



SP Series

Model 3-Wheel Fixed Forks 4 Wheel Straddle 4 Wheel Platform and Cart
Load Capacity (lbs) 3000 3000 1500
Power 24-36V/540-1240 Ah 24V/ 1085 Ah 24V/ 1085 Ah
Fork Lift Height (in) 136 – 366 210 – 366 210 – 366
Platform Lift Height (in) 141 – 371 214 – 371 215 – 371
Image  Crown 3 Wheeled Fixed Forks Order Picker Truck  Crown 4 Wheel Straddle Narrow Aisle Truck Crown SP Series 4 Wheel Platform and Cart

LP Series

Model Fixed Forks Lifting Forks
Load Capacity (kg) 1000 1000
Power 24V/ 450-625 Ah 24V/ 450-625 Ah
Max Fork Lift Height (mm) 1025 – 1620 1845 – 2440
Max Platform Lift Height (mm) 1195 – 1790 1195 – 1790
Width Overall (mm) 950 950
Image  Crown LP Series Fixed Forks Order Picker  Crown Lifting Forks LP Series



Narrow-Aisle Order Picker

Hyster Narrow Aisle R30XM3

Model R30XMS3 Standard R30XM3 Counterbalanced R30XMA3 Straddle R30XMF3 Furniture Mover
Load Capacity 3000 3000 3000 1500
Battery 24 36 36 36
Max Travel Speed (mph) 6 6.5 6.5 6.5
Max Lift Speed (ft/min) 40 78 78 78
Lower Lift Speed (ft/min) 52 80 80 80