What are Pneumatic Scissor Lifts?

Pneumatic scissor lifts work with the use of air pressure as a lift mechanism. With this, the pneumatic lifts are more environmentally-friendly compared to all the other types of scissor lifts. They do not give off any hazardous or toxic fumes and by-products in our surroundings, so they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

This type of lift operates by sucking in and compressing air from the atmosphere. Owning a pneumatic scissor lift table for your warehouse is commendable because of its efficiency, inexpensiveness since it only needs air to operate. It also does not cause any type of pollution to the environment, which is advantageous especially to the workers that are exposed to these machines. Pneumatic scissor lifts also need very little maintenance since they only possess minimal moving parts and it does not have an engine.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pneumatic Scissor Lifts

Since these scissor lifts make use of air in order to operate successfully, the restocking of the system is much easier because air is abundant and free. They are also safe to use because air is not flammable and system leakages do not cause significant negative effects on the environment. Another advantage of using pneumatic scissor lifts is cleanliness. In pneumatic systems, pressurized air usually pushes out the dirt that gets stuck inside. When it comes to maintenance, they must be lubricated with oil from time to time; However, when compared with hydraulic systems, pneumatics are easier to clean and maintain.

Features that can be found in these scissor lifts include a platform reinforced by steel. This design of scissor lift maximizes the stability of the load and minimizes the deck from deflecting. Some models have air bags that have more power than air actuators.

As there are benefits of using pneumatic scissor lifts, there are also some disadvantages. Controlling pneumatic systems are more difficult as compared to electric or hydraulics since air is a type of gas that is compressible. Given this information, the operator of the lift should practice extra caution when working with it. Pneumatic systems are also prone to the accumulation of moisture, leading the system to freeze up.

Noise can be a problem as well when using pneumatic scissor lifts. A pneumatic actuator is a device that is responsible for converting energy from the pressurized air into motion. Although actuators are safe and durable, they produce loud noises when they operate. Due to their noise, the pneumatic scissor lifts are sometimes placed in a separate room to avoid sound pollution. Lastly, toxins and chemicals that are present in the air might cause the pneumatic system to release hazardous chemicals into the environment.

Applications of Pneumatic Scissor Lifts

Pneumatic scissor lifts are suitable for applications and industries wherein exact positioning for assembly work is not a requirement. These lifts are also used for light loads and places where the use of hydraulics is not allowed.

Pneumatic scissor lifts can be used in clean rooms as well as in food processing plants. In addition to these applications, they can also be utilized in garages and workshops.

Manufacturers of Pneumatic Scissor Lifts


Vestil AT-10 Pneumatic Scissor Lift

Model AT-10
Platform Size (in) (WxL) 19 ½ x 39 ½
Capacity (lbs) 200
Service Range (in) 11 ¼ x 29 ½
Weight (lbs) 184


AX Series

Presto AX Series Pneumatic Scissor Lifts

Model Number AX10-3648 AX10-4848 AX10-4856 AX10-4860
Load Capacity (lbs) 1000 1000 1000 1000
Raised Height (in) 29 29 29 29
Lowered Height (in) 8 8 8 8
Vertical Travel (in) 21 21 21 21
Base Size WxL (in) 36×48 36×48 36×48 36×48
Platform Size WxL (in) 36×48 48×48 48×56 48×60
Shipping Weight (lbs) 820 890 935 960


Model Number AX20-3648 AX20-4848 AX20-4856 AX20-4860
Load Capacity (lbs) 2000 2000 2000 2000
Raised Height (in) 32 32 32 32
Lowered Height (in) 8 8 8 8
Vertical Travel (in) 24 24 24 24
Base Size WxL (in) 36×48 36×48 36×48 36×48
Platform Size WxL (in) 36×48 48×48 48×56 48×60
Shipping Weight (lbs) 855 915 955 1040


Uni-Craft Corp


Lift Capacity of Pneumatic Scissor Lift (lbs) 2000/ 3000/ 4000/ 5000
Lowered Height (in) 8/ 10
Travel (in) 20/ 24/ 36
Platform Dimensions (in) 36-60 W, 36-66 L



Pneumatic Scissor Lift Tables