What is An Electric Scissor Lift?

Along with diesel scissor lifts, electric lifts are the most commonly used scissor lift types. This type of scissor lift is usually used for jobs that are done in enclosed spaces.

Electric scissor lifts are typically used in “flat slab” applications. A flat slab is a type of design wherein concrete slab is supported by concrete columns without having the needed for beams. It is a one- or two-sided support system wherein the load of the slab is concentrated on the surrounding columns and drop panels, a slab that is square-shaped.

All electric lifts are mechanical, and an advantage of a mechanical lift is that the teeth of its gear system prevent the lift from slipping.

Electric Scissor Lift Features and Accessories

Distinguishing features of an electric scissor lift include a platform extension and off-slab motility. The platform extension of the lift has an additional load capacity of 250 lbs, which is perfect for carrying more numerous and heavier loads.

The lift’s off-slab motility feature involves a full-time traction control that is automatic. In addition to this, there is also an oscillating axle to further improve off-slab productivity.

Optional hydraulic leveling jacks are also available for other models in order for them to be operated on uneven surfaces and terrains.

There are models of electric scissor lifts that are designed to have a longer battery life. With a single charge, the electric drive of a scissor lift is able to deliver more than twice the battery life of hydraulic lifts. Some electric scissor lifts have a tight turning radius for maneuvering and positioning.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Scissor Lifts?

Operating electric scissor lifts has several advantages. One of these benefits is having zero emissions for indoor use. They do not emit any dangerous or hazardous fumes, making it safe for the operator and the other laborers working in the area. Another advantage would be the low noise levels while operating the lift. This is also beneficial especially in indoor working areas so as to avoid distraction to other workers.

As for the outdoor advantages, electric scissor lifts have features and options such as an all-wheel drive, oscillating axle, and automatic traction control. An all-wheel drive enables more controlled handling capabilities and is useful on slippery and slick surfaces. It is able to transfer power to its wheels that have the most traction. On the other hand, automatic traction control systems are able to optimize the machine’s stability during acceleration. Even in harsh environments such as slippery surfaces, this automatic control system enables the car to accelerate smoothly by stopping the spinning of the wheels by minimizing the engine power.

One of the disadvantages of the scissor lift features is that an all-wheel drive has a more expensive cost than a two-wheel drive. Additionally, as the weight of all-wheel drive vehicles improves their handling, it also requires the more distance in order to stop.

Applications for electric scissor lifts include manufacturing facilities, shopping centers, warehouse applications, and all other maintenance and construction work.

Manufacturers of Electric Scissor Lifts


Coateshire Electric Scissor Lift

Model Slab Use Scissor Lift
Platform height elevated (ft) 26
Overall width (m) 1.17
Platform capacity (kg) 450 (120kg extended)
Overall length (m) 2.5 (stowed), 3.77 (extended)
Working height (ft) 32
Transport weight (tonne) 2.6



ES Series

JLG ES Series

Model 1930ES 2646ES 3246ES
Batteries (V) 4 x 6, 220 amp-hr 4 x 6, 220 amp-hr 4 x 6, 220 amp-hr
Machine weight (kg) 1229.34 2256.62 2256.62
Drive Speed – Platform elevated (km/h) 0.80 0.80 0.80
Drive Speed – Platform lowered (km/h) 4.83 4.02 4.02
Max Drive Height (m) 5.72 7.92 9.68
Max Lift Height (m) 5.72 7.92 9.68
Working Height (m) 7.54 9.75 11.51
R Series

JLG R Series Electric Scissor Lifts

Model 1532R 1932R 4045R
Batteries (V) 4 x 6, 220 amp-hr 4 x 6, 220 amp-hr 4 x 12, 150 amp-hr
Machine weight (lbs) 2500 2630 N/A
Drive Speed – Platform elevated (mph) 0.5 0.5 0.5
Drive Speed – Platform lowered (mph) 2 2 2
Max Drive Height (ft) 15 19 N/A
Working Height (ft) 21 25 45 ft 3 in
LE Series

LE Series JLG

Model 3369LE 4069LE M4069LE
Batteries (V) 8 x 6, 370 amp-hr 8 x 6, 370 amp-hr 8 x 6, 370 amp-hr
Machine weight (lbs) 9760 10560 10860
Drive Speed – Platform elevated (mph) 0.4 0.4 0.4
Drive Speed – Platform lowered (mph) 3 3 3
Max Drive Height (ft) 33 30 30
Max Lift Height (ft) 33 40 40
Working Height (ft) 39 46 46