What is the Electric Walkie Pallet Jack?

Also known as the electric walkie behind, the electric walkie pallet jack is twice the size of a manual pallet jack and is powered by an onboard battery pack. It is called a “walkie” because it is a type of pallet truck that the operator must walk behind or alongside. The lifting capacity of an electric walkie pallet jack is around 4500 to 6000 lbs.
Features include a control handle with multiple functions, neutral speed reduction that is programmable, work lights that illuminate areas that are dark or dimly-lit, and a load backrest that gives more support to palletized loads. This backrest prevents the palletized loads from falling.

Options and Accessories for the Electric Walkie Behind

Options and accessories for the electric walkie behind include galvanized chassis, battery charger packs, and dual load wheels. The presence of galvanized chassis is important most especially for industries that usually move materials in and out of cold storage facilities. It is also used in salt and brine as well as chemical industries. This type of chassis is ideal for applications wherein the constant removal of contaminants is needed such as damp or harsh environments because galvanized steel metal is easier to wash.
Some models offer a PIN code pad that provides security via password protection. An accessory that can be provided for an electric walkie pallet jack can be a storage tote that helps the operator organize his materials, further improving productivity.
Another option for the electric walkie pallet jack is a lowered fork height. This option makes getting into pallets much more effortless, but the loading capacity of the electric walkie behind would lower into 3000 lbs. Sealed-bearing dual load wheels make the wheels more low-maintenance since there is no need to grease it anymore.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Electric Walkie Pallet Jack 

The main advantage of using this type of pallet jack among all the other types is its electrical assist for driving and lifting. It is also easier for the operator since it only takes a press of a button to lift and lower the loads. There is no need to pull the load and machine nor to manually pump to lift up the load. Additionally, its small size makes it more maneuverable.

One of the disadvantages of the electric walkie pallet jack is that it needs to be recharged regularly since it’s battery-operated. It also needs more maintenance because it has more moving parts, such as lift pumps and drive motors. It is not the best choice for moving a load over a long distance because the operator would still need to walk. It has a low maximum speed as compared to other types, but this is also an advantage since it lessens the severity of collision hazards.
The work lights of the lift might distract the other workers in the same area, decreasing their productivity. The load backrest, on the other hand, increases the extended height of the truck but it can also cause a hindrance with the ceiling clearance.
The electric walkie pallet jack is used primarily for loading docks and staging areas, as well as for mid-distance runs. Recommended industries include beverage, general warehouse, food storage, and retail.

Manufacturers of the Electric Walkie Pallet Jack

Raymond Electric Pallet Jack

Model 8210 Motorized Pallet Jack 8310 Walkie Pallet Truck
Battery (volt) 24 24
Capacity (lbs) 4500 6000 or 8000
Frame Width (in) 28 Available in multiple lengths and widths


Power System: AC Traction Control Loaded and Unloaded Travel Speed: 3.9 mph
Images  Electric Walkie Pallet Jack Raymond 8210 Electric Walkie Pallet Jack Raymond 8310



Model 8HBW23

Electric Walkie Pallet Jack


Large Electric Walkie Pallet Jack

Load Capacity (lbs) 4500 6000
Max Travel Speed Full Load (mph) 3.6 3.7
Basic Right Angle Stack (in) 85.3 81.2
Approx Minimum Aisle Width (in) 75 87
Length (in) 53.4 – 81.4 63.7 – 81.7
Max Gradeability Full Load (%) 10 10
Width (in) 28 32.5
Height (in) 47.2 56.7
Images  Electric Walkie Behind Toyota 8HBW23  Electric Walkie Behind Toyota 8HBW30

Blue Giant 

Model EPJ-30 EPJ-40 EPJ-45
Load Capacity (lbs) 3000 4000 4500
Battery (volt) 24 12 24
Speed (mph) Empty: 0 – 2.8

Loaded: 0 – 2.5

Empty: 0 – 3.6

Loaded: 0 – 3.3

Empty: 0 – 3.66

Loaded: 0 – 3.5

Weight (lbs) 450 650 875 – 910
Images  Electric Walkie Behind BG EPJ-30  BG EPJ-40  Electric Walkie Behind BG EPJ-45