What is a Center Rider?

The center rider, also known as the front rider pallet truck, is safer and more ergonomically designed than the rider pallet jack. It is battery powered and it allows the operator to face forwards or backward instead of just facing sideways. There is also less likelihood of injury since the pallet jack is protected by machine chassis on two sides.
There are multiple features and advantages that make the center rider stand out from the other types of pallet jacks. One is the control handle with handgrips that are ergonomically positioned and the presence of lift, lower, and horn buttons for a simpler operation of controls with either the left or right hand of the operator. Interlocks with a high-speed function to maintain top speed for transporting pallets across long distances without pressing a button continuously.

Why Choose A Center Rider?

Center rider pallet trucks have quick acceleration, increasing workforce productivity. They are equipped with a compartment that provides easy access from the left or right side of the aisle for more efficiency in picking pallets. Curved back pads are present so that operators can lean comfortably, and steering wheels are optimized so that less effort is needed in moving the wheel. There is also a low step height to prevent operator fatigue.
Compared to the rider pallet jack, the center rider is harder to turn. It still has incomplete operator protection because it exposes the operator to the hazard of the lifting mechanism.

Features of Center Rider Pallet Trucks

Options and accessories for the front rider pallet jack include heavy duty load wheels that resist internal heat from building up. The wheels are also able to endure high speed and heavy loads. Single polyurethane load wheels, which are standard, can be replaced by dual tandem load wheels. The center rider can be equipped with a storage tray that can consist of work materials like knives, pens, markers, and tape. Rollers can be added at the bottom of the center rider’s battery compartment and dual side gates. This option enables the battery to roll out from either side of the pallet truck. Additionally, a heavy-duty bumper guard can be added in order for the pallet truck to further absorb the impacts from its frame and other gears.

Center rider models can have single, double, or triple fork options, depending on the applications where they will be used. Another option for the front rider pallet jack is a lift-limit compartment switch override. It allows the machine to continue lifting to full height to provide a continuous low step height as the operator walks through the compartment to pick the orders from both sides. To ensure operator comfort and maintain work productivity, accessories such as a larger storage tote and work lights and fans are available.

Applications of a Front Rider Pallet Truck 

The center rider is recommended for use in applications wherein the operator stays in a straight line most of the time. It is primarily used for operations that need low-level and high volume order picking. Industries that widely use the center rider pallet jack include general manufacturing, general warehouse, and beverage. Various models of center rider pallet trucks such as the Raymond center rider will be discussed in the following section.

Manufacturers of the Center Rider Pallet Truck


Model 8510 Center Rider Pallet Truck
Battery (Volt) 24
Capacity (lbs) 6000 or 8000
Fork Length Available in multiple lengths and widths
Loaded Travel Speed (mph) 6.5 and 6.2
Unloaded Travel Speed (mph) 9
Image  Center Rider Raymond 8510


Model 8HBC30 8HBC40
Load Capacity (lbs) 6000 8000
Max Travel Speed Full Load (mph) 6.2 6.2
Basic Right Angle Stack (in) 98.8 142
Approximate Minimum Aisle Width (in) 105 148
Length (in) 90.3 – 155.7 138.7 – 155.7
Max Gradeability Full Load (%) 10 10
Width (in) 32.5 32.5
Height (in) 56 56
Image  Center Rider Toyota 8HBC30  Center Rider Toyota 8HBC40



WT Series

Model Folding Platform Folding Platform with Side Restraints
Load Capacity (kg) 2000 2000 – 2500
Max Lift Height (mm) 210 210
Power (Volt) 24 24
Head Length (mm) 693 – 1152 769 – 1228
Width Overall (mm) 740 740
Fork Length (mm) 1000 – 1200 1000 – 2400
Image  Crown WT Series Folding Platform Crown WT Series Folding Platform with Side Restraints


Model of Center Rider Fixed Platform with Side Entry Fixed Platform with Rear Entry
Load Capacity (kg) 2000 2000 – 2500
Max Lift Height (mm) 210 210
Power (Volt) 24 24
Head Length (mm) 1344 1263
Width Overall (mm) 740 740
Fork Length (mm) 1150 – 2400 1150 – 2400
Image  Crown WT Series Fixed Platform with Side Entry  Crown WT Series Fixed Platform with Rear Entry