What Are Articulating Boom Lifts?

Also known as knuckle booms and up-and-over booms, articulating boom lifts are types of aerial work platforms that have sections that articulate or hinge together. This enables the operator to have access to work areas that are blocked by obstacles and barriers.

Knuckle boom lifts are suitable for confined work areas and for moving over obstacles such as fixtures, machinery, walls, and other path restrictions because of their excellent maneuverability. These boom lifts can be positioned in a variety of ways. Adding two more functioning joints can contribute to this vehicle’s working length.

They are able to reach great heights because of their telescopic upper boom. They provide accuracy in positioning the working platform because of the in-basket controls.

What Are the Features of Articulating Booms?

These types of cherry pickers have zero tailswing. This means that the end of the turntable of the lift does not extend beyond the edge of the drive chassis when rotated. Having zero tailswing, along with a tight turning radius, contributes to the easy maneuverability of these lifts through narrow aisles and standard doors.

When compared to a telescopic boom lift, articulating booms have less horizontal reach. However, they are more adaptable and flexible since they can reach up, over and out in order to have access to work areas.

Manufacturers have models that have features like diesel or petrol/LPG engines, a four-wheel drive, lug-tread tires, and active oscillating axles. Lug treads are the most important gripping aspect of a tire’s contact patch. Having a block or lug tread design for tires are advantageous because they are primarily for traction and improved mileage. The lug tread design has grooves that are placed laterally and perpendicular to the bead. They are usually found either on the drive or torque axle. Lug-treat tires have an added tread depth that is needed in order to balance the spinning and scrubbing that happen when power is transferred to the drive axle.

Some models have non-marking tires which reduce the damage to the indoor floor coverings. Dual fuel options, such as battery and diesel power, minimizes noise as well as diesel fumes.

These cherry pickers also have extensions or “jibs” that are placed between the platform and the end of the primary boom. These extensions are helpful because they attach another point of articulation in order for the platform to move up and down and/or side-to-side.

Articulating boom lifts that are used outdoors have a four-wheel drive feature, enabling them to access the working sites over rough terrain.

What Are its Applications? 

These boom lifts are suitable for areas wherein there is tight access and places that are hard to reach. Articulating booms are used when working indoors. Some models make use of a clean-burning fuel like LPG or DC electric power for indoor use. These boom lifts are used for working on rough terrains.

These lifts can be operated while the basket is elevated. This feature makes the articulating boom lift ideal for jobs that require the repositioning of the work platform.

Manufacturers of Articulating Boom Lifts



340AJ-JLG Articulating Boom

Platform Height (m) 10.31
Platform Capacity – Unrestricted (kg) 226.80
Horizontal Outreach (m) 6.07


740AJ-JLG Articulating Boom Lifts

Platform Height (m) 22.56
Platform Capacity – Unrestricted (kg) 226.80
Horizontal Outreach (m) 15.8



Platform Height (m) 45.72
Platform Capacity – Unrestricted (kg) 272.16
Platform Capacity – Restricted (kg) 453.59



Prangl PSG Articulating Booms

Model of Articulating Boom Lift PSG 120E PSG 130E PSG 150E PSG 430D PSG 260D PSG 210D
Max Working Height (m) 11.95 13.50 15.00 43.15 25.60 20.65
Capacity (kg) 200 215 200 272 230 230
Horizontal Reach (m) 7.00 6.10 7.60 21.26 16.20 13.50