Variations of pallet trucks include adjustable pallet jacks, mini pallet trucks, narrow pallet jacks, and stainless steel pallet trucks. These trucks are designed for situations and applications wherein a normal-sized pallet jack such as manual pallet jacks or electric walkie behind cannot be used, such as damp environments or tight aisle spaces.

Each of these is specialized to cater to a certain industry, and these pieces of information will be discussed further in this article.

Types of Pallet Jack Variations

Adjustable Pallet Jacks 

Adjustable pallet jacks are called as such because their fork widths can be modified. Things that are needed to do are to loosen and then reset the adjusting bolts found at the front and rear of the pallet truck. Other features offered are polyurethane load wheels which have lower rolling resistance and higher load capacity compared to rubber tires, contributing to the greater efficiency of this type of equipment. Adjustable pallet trucks have an ergonomic handle which is designed for operator comfortability. In addition to this, there is also a hand control with three functions (raise, lower, and neutral) for easier operation. Entry and exit rollers are available in order to protect load wheels.

In order to minimize the distance between the forks, turn the handle in a clockwise manner until the desired width is attained. Meanwhile, turn the handle counterclockwise to maximize the distance between the forks.

This type of pallet jack variation can be used in industrial environments that involve having to adjust the width of the forks from time to time due to different sizes of pallets that are loaded.

Manufacturers of the Adjustable Pallet Jack Variation


Model H-2917
Fork Size LxW (in) 48 x 21-27
Load Capacity (lbs) 5500
Steering Wheel (Diameter) 7” Polyurethane
Weight (lbs) 165
Image  ULINE H-2917 Pallet Jack Variation

Yellow Jack-It

Model Adjustable Hand Pallet Truck
Capacity (lbs) 2200
Min. Fork Height (in) 2.95
Max. Fork Height (in) 7.67
Fork Length (in) 45.27
Width Overall Forks Adjustable (in) 13 – 26.77
Individual Fork Width (in) 4.56
Load Roller (Diameter) 2.57” Polyurethane
Steering Wheel (Diameter) 7” Polyurethane
Weight (lbs) 246
Image Yellow Jack-It Adjustable Pallet Jack


Model H272744 H272746
Capacity (lbs) 5500 5500
Adjustment (in) 21 – 27 16 – 20
Load Roller (Diameter) 3” 3”
Steering Wheel (Diameter) 8” 8”
Weight (lbs) 180 176
Image WESCO H272744 Adjustable Pallet Jack WESCO H272746

Stainless Steel Pallet Trucks

Stainless steel pallet trucks are made to adapt and survive through harsh environments. They are made of materials that are non-corrosive. Moreover, the surface of these pallet trucks is glass-blasted which makes it easier to clean. Grease fittings are also available in order to allow these trucks to operate smoothly even if they are continuously exposed to wet environments.

Additional features of this pallet truck include valves for pressure relief and pallet overload in order to avoid pump damages.

Options that can be added for this pallet jack are roller forks or a nylon steering wheel. Roller forks are made to lessen the time spent for loading and unloading pallets. When using roller forks, the load carrier can be a simple sheet instead of a wooden or plastic pallet. This valuable option saves both storage space and administration costs.

Applications that widely use this type of pallet jack variation include food processing, pharmaceutical, and marine industries. It is also ideal for moist environments as well as harsh ones, like meat and fish plants and chemical manufacturing industries.

Manufacturers of the Stainless Steel Pallet Jack Variation

NIDO Machineries

Model ND-SS-2000
Capacity (kg) 2000
Min. Fork Height (mm) 75
Max. Fork Height (mm) 190
Steering Wheel (mm) 180 x 50
Load Roller Single (mm) 74 x 93
Load Roller Tandem (mm) 74 x 70
Size of Fork (mm) 160 x 60
Width Overall (mm) 540
Fork Length (mm) 1150
Image  NIDO Machineries ND-SS-2000 Stainless Steel Pallet Jack Variation

Blue Giant

Model EPT-55-SS
Load Capacity (lbs) 5500
Fork Lowered Height (in) 2.9
Fork Length (in) 48
Fork Width (in) 6.6
Fork Spread (in) 27
Raised Fork Height (in) 7.8
Approximate Shipping Weight (lb) 160
Image Blue Giant EPT-55-SS


Model SS11SA1-000
Capacity (lbs) 4400
Fork Length (in) 48
Frame Width (in) 27
Fork Width (in) 6.25
Low Height (in) 2.9
Raised Height (in) 7.65
Wheel Diameter (in) 7
Wheel Type Nylon
Roller Diameter (in) 3
Roller Type Nylon
Weight (lbs) 155
Image  Lift-Rite SS11SA1-000 Stainless Steel


Narrow Pallet Trucks

Narrow pallet trucks are used for aisles that have spaces that are too tight in between. These are also designed for easier access to smaller pallets. The space between the forks is less than the normal-sized pallet jacks in order for them to fit into narrow aisles, making pallets located in these places easier to reach and carry.

Features for this variation of pallet jack include a hand control for three positions (raise, lower, and neutral) as well as a cushion grip for the operator to feel more comfortable when working. Entry and exit rollers are available to make the movement of the pallets easier and more effortless. In addition to these features, grease fittings are also provided for the pallet truck’s lubrication and maintenance.

Narrow pallet trucks can be used in applications when indoor deliveries through narrow areas are needed to be done. They can also be used when transferring objects in different trucks especially when there is limited space in the vehicles and precision is needed.

Manufacturers of the Narrow Pallet Truck Variation


Model H-1193
Fork Size LxW (in) 48 x 21
Load Capacity (lbs) 5500
Steering Wheel (Diameter) 7” Polyurethane
Fork Wheel (Diameter) 3” Polyurethane
Weight (lbs) 137
Lowered Height (in) 3
Raised Height (in) 7.5
Image ULINE H-1193 Pallet Jack Variation



Model PJR002
Load Capacity (kg) 2500
Max Fork Height (mm) 200
Min Fork Height (mm) 85
Fork Length (mm) 1150
Fork Overall Width (mm) 530
Image  Richmond PJR002

Master Jack

Model NE25
Capacity (kg) 2500
Lowered Height (mm) 85
Total Lift Height (mm) 195
Fork Length (mm) 1100
Overall Length (mm) 1045
Overall Width (mm) 520
Overall Height (mm) 1025
Steering Wheel (mm) 180 x 50 Nylon
Fork Wheel (mm) 80 x 70 Single Nylon
Total Weight (kg) 80
Image Master Jack NE25 Pallet Jack Variation

Mini Pallet Jacks

Mini pallet trucks are designed especially for places where normal-sized pallet jacks would not fit. These machines make heavy small-based items easier to move. Although small in size, the mini pallet truck is very durable even in harsh environments.

Features include an overload release valve that protects the truck from bearing too much weight. The handle is designed to control three different positions (raise, lower, and neutral), and it also offers protection and shock absorption.

Mini pallet jacks have polyurethane wheels which are more durable and tough than rubber wheels. These wheels come with sealed bearings and “ball-thrust” steering for easier rolling. Grease fittings and bushings at all the pivot points of the truck are provided for trouble-free maintenance.

This variation of the pallet jack is ideally used in convenience stores, garages, and retail locations, among many others.

Manufacturers of the Mini Pallet Jack Variation

Mighty Lift

Model ML1636 ML1642
Capacity (lb) 2200 2200
Fork Size (in) 16 x 36 16 x 42
Distance between Forks (in) 4.17 4.17
Fork Clearance (in) 0.87 0.87
Fork Width (in) 5.9 5.9
Min. Height/ Max. Height (in) 2.9”/ 7.48” 2.9/ 7.48
Wheels (Steer/Load) Polyurethane/ Polyurethane Polyurethane/ Polyurethane
Unit Weight (lbs) 121 126
Image Mighty Lift ML 1636 Mighty Lift ML 1642


Model MINI
Load Capacity (lbs) 3300
Fork Length (in) 45/ 48
Overall Fork Width (in) 21 / 27
Lowered Fork Height (in) 2
Raised Fork Height (in) 6.5
Fork Width (in) 6.5
Unit Weight (lbs) 170
Image DACO Mini Pallet Jack Variation


Model STF-1100MPJRN
Capacity (lbs) 1100
Overall size LxW (in) 44.5 x 15
Extension Length (in) 31.5
Fork Thickness (in) 1 5/8
Wheel Size (in) 2 5/16
Max Lift Height (in) 6
Image Roughneck Mini Pallet Truck Pallet Jack Variation